Group IT Security engineer
Starting from
Employment type
from 4000 Eur
Great opportunity to be a member of Group Security team. Opportunity for Senior IT security Engineer with strong technical background but already experience with IT security Architecture, Security management, Stakeholders management. This job is actively cooperating with Group CISO with international experience.
Key Accountabilities :
o Activity 1: Security architecture/engineering
• Develop security architecture; recommend and coordinate the implementation of technical
controls to support and enforce defined security policies.
• Research, evaluate, design, test, recommend or plan the implementation of new or
updated cybersecurity technologies or services, and analyze their impact on the existing
• Conduct market research and drive tenders to select security solutions and vendors.
• Provide technical and managerial expertise for the administration of security tools.
• Work with the IT and business teams to ensure that there is a convergence of business,
technical and security requirements.
• Consult with IT and security staff to ensure that security is factored into the evaluation,
selection, installation and configuration of services or technologies (hardware, applications
and software).
o Activity 2: Operational Support
• Coordinate, measure and report on the technical aspects of security management.
• Manage outsourced vendors that provide security functions for compliance with contracted
service-level agreements.
• Monitor security solutions to determine trends and identify security incidents.
• Manage and coordinate operational components of security incident management,
including detection, response and reporting.
• Research and assess new threats and security alerts, and recommend remedial actions.
• Execute or supervise vulnerability and penetration tests, recommend treatment plans and
track status.
• Manage security projects and provide expert guidance on security matters for other IT
• Assist and guide in the selection of recovery strategies and the development, testing and
maintenance of disaster recovery plans.
• Ensure audit trails, system logs and other monitoring data sources are reviewed
periodically and are in compliance with policies and audit requirements.
• Design, coordinate and oversee security testing procedures to verify the security of
systems, networks and applications, and manage the remediation of identified risks.
o Activity 3: Strategic Support
• Manage the process of gathering and assessing the current and future threat landscape, as
well as providing with a realistic overview of risks and threats in the enterprise
• Analyzes and makes recommendations to improve network, system, and application
• Monitor and report on compliance with security policies, as well as the enforcement of
policies within the IT department.
• Assists in the review and update of information security policies, architectures and
• Assists in responding to audits, penetration tests and vulnerability assessments.
• Translate IT-risk requirements and constraints of the business into technical control
requirements and specifications.
• Coordinate the IT organisation’s technical activities to implement and manage security
• This list is not exhaustive; the functions are by nature scalable and may be changed by the
company according to the operational needs of the company and of the Department.
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